For in 6 days, Trump destroyed America

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January 26, 2017

It has taken Baby Drumpf less than 1 week

Source: Salon

destroy America’s core values. Let that sink in. A leader of the free world compromised the country in 6 Days! At this time, Trump has attempted to:

  • Gag Governmental Agencies 
  • Force WH Administration to lie 
  • Discredit American Free Press and 1st Amendment
  • Strip  fundamental human rights
  • Discriminate against non-white American heterosexual males
  • Deny health care insurance
  • Threaten environmental harm and climate change
Source: WLRN

If you felt stuck in a overwhelming sense of despair since the election, there is light within the tunnel. Grassroots efforts have exploded in the past few weeks. The historic Women’s March turned the tide and will far exceed Trump’s place in history. Jan 21st, 2017 broght #HOPE for the first time since Nov. 8, 2016.

There are many different resources offering concrete, actionable items that EVERYONE can take to fight Trump’s regime:


A practical guide to download with concrete steps to protect American values


Indispensable weekly email offering detailed steps to resist Trump’s actions

David Yankovich

List of additional resources to combat Trump, Twitter advocate @DavidYankovich – Organizing For Action

Still forming as Obama gears up for the fight.  In the meantime, check out Organizing For Action – community advocacy movement

Democratic Coalition – Scott Dworkin

Holds Trump accountable. Dworkin Report author. Twitter advocate @funder

The 65

Offers weekly Call To Action and list of Issues

Impeach Trump Now

Well researched Grounds for Impeachment

Source: Bruce McTague

This list is by no means comprehensive. Rather, it’s a place to start.

Break out of the despair and take small simple actions before Trump can cause irreparable harm. There are opportunities to lace up your shoes and get involved, but you must start now!

It doesn’t matter how much or what you do. What matters is that you do something. Choose your cause and Stop Trump today!


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